If you’ve ever used a miter saw to cut long, unsupported stock, you know what a hassle it is to deal with a saw that moves all over the place while you’re trying to make cuts.

Yes, you can buy saw stands, but they’re expensive and, frankly, not nearly as versatile or user-friendly as this homemade miter saw table.

This miter saw table supports long boards and provides a fence that you can fit with stops for making repetitive identical cuts.

It locks down your saw so it won’t budge while you’re working. Built-in cubbyholes give you a place to store all those little parts and tools that go with any carpentry task.

Just leave the saw on board and slide the whole unit into your pickup truck for on-the-road jobs.

Or loosen the wing nuts, remove the saw and haul it away on its own.

This table is also a great workbench for more than just cutting.

You’ll find it a useful platform for all those little carpentry tasks that are part of any project, and it’s right there where you need it.

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