Make A Mobile Workbench with Built-in Table and Miter Saws

Having a mobile workbench with built-in table and miter saws in your house will definitely ease your daily routine activities.

Sawing is not your biggest issue anymore since you can do it comfortably on your workbench.

It is much better when you can move it anywhere you like. However, making that kind of workbench needs some effort and steps.

Here are the three simple steps you can try if you plan to have a mobile workbench with built-in table and miter saws.

1. Prepare the tools and materials:
Basically you can start with any woods since the size will depend on your need.

The most important thing is the workbench. The top table is the part that you will need at first since it is the part where you will do most of your works on the workbench.

Therefore, it is better for you to use or buy the ready-set one than making it by yourself. Now here are the tools that you need to prepare.

Have T-star screws to make the framing and some screws to secure the table top.

Prepare some casters; the diameter depends on what you need. Prepare some lag screws to mount the table saw and for the casters.

For the electrical things, you are going to need 3 outlets. The last one is prepare scrap plywood for the bottom shelf.

2. Framing and table saw stand:

Do a measurement for the distance from the top of the table saw work surface to the base of the table.

Do not forget to factor in the material that you use for the table top because it needs to be the distance of the two support boards that made the top work surface of the table.

3. Cutting and installing the table top:
Attach the miter saw with added carriage bolts, nuts and washers. The heads of the bolds need to stick upside down.

You can also route the area in order to get the heads below the surface of the work table. Finish the work by securing the table top using screws then cut the excesses materials off using skill saw. .

Avoid drilling through the top of the table by adding the mixture of wood glue and brackets to have cleaner look on the underside of your table

Those are the very simple steps you can try if you want to have your own mobile workbench with built-in table and miter saws.

It may looks simple but you can apply the steps to create a simple mobile workbench with built-in table and miter saws.

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